Can I bring outside food?

Outside food is allowed at Kids Gone Wild.  Pizza we ask that you order through us with our Pizza Party Packages.  Drinks are fine to bring in for your party, just no alcoholic beverages.

Do I need to bring candles, matches and serving utensils?

No. We’re happy to provide these items with each of our party packages for your convenience.

Can I arrive earlier than my scheduled party time?

No, there is no need to arrive early. Your party will begin at the time scheduled, and since we will be performing all set-up, clean-up and serving functions, all you need to do is enjoy your party!

Can I bring a pinata?

Yes…as long as it is the kind that is operated with a pull-string.

Can I bring my own paper goods & decorations?

Yes…and we’ll set everything up for you while you play!

Can I bring goodie bags?


Can I order additional pizza & soda?

Yes…you can order as many extra pizza/sodas as you need.

Can I bring additional kids who have not specifically been invited?

Please contact the birthday family. There is a limit of 40 guests and they may already be at their capacity.

All your questions not answered? Give us a call at 707-446-9987 or drop us an e-mail